Resumen de la clase

Programa de hoy: Terminar la presentacion y subirla a Anotar la direccion URL Acortarla por medio de Crear un post e incrustar la presentacion Volver a powerpoint Editar el ultimo slide y agregar el url de la presentacion Crear hand – outs Imprimirlos En la viñeta de contacto va: Email Twitter URL Facebook En […]

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Beauty and the beast

Finally the human interpretation of Disney’s famous movie Beauty and the Beast has come out starring Emma Watson as Bella and Dan Stevens as the Beast.  Be the guest in this new version of this magical story.  The release date was March 16 of 2017. [Beauty and the Beast movie poster, from IMDB]

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Zeus Atwood will be missed

Sadly in February 27 of 2017 Roman Atwood’s dog “Zeus” died from cancer.  Making him take a break of 2 days without vlogging  and even though you could still see how destroyed he was when he started vlogging again.  I’m truly sorry Roman, he was a great dog and he will always be remembered. Zeus was truly […]

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Asignacion #4

The human created another universe called the internet.  This space called “Cyberspace” is so big and the public only has access to ten percent of it.  Even the creators of the internet haven’t been to all of the layers of the internet and maybe we’ll never be able to see it because it’s so immense […]

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Asignación #3

IMPACT OF THE INTERNET OF THINGS ON THE ECONOMY AND SOCIETY.              By SZEWCZYK, Paweł1                                      The Impact of Smart Technology on Users and Society.                                                      By Isaias, Pedro Issa, Tomayess Kommers, Piet                                              Aspects Regarding the Impact of the Internet on the Society.                                         By MOISE, Adrian Cristian1               SMALL STEPS OR BIG CHANGES IN ACTUAL SOCIETY: […]

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