Jump out the window

Big Sean’s new music video for “Jump out the window” is here.  The music video presents a video game theme with the usual story of the hero saving the damsel in distress.  In my opinion, the music video is different than the usual rap music video. [Featured image from: google images] Anuncios

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The man who created the famous Gangnam style, Psy is back and by the looks of it everybody is “luving” it.  With his new song called “I luv it” being on #33 in the trending tab in youtube and his other new song called “new face”. [Featured image from: google images]

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Next album

Logic’s next and last album is going to be called Ultra 85.  Here’s a video where he explains to detail all about the next album. [Featured image from: google images]

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Entrevistas de informatica

  Reflexion En cuanto  al trabajo en grupo a mi no me gusto porque mis compañeros fueron bien irresponsables y no me ayudaron en la presentación ni en el informe.  Para la presentación solo me ayudaron con sus entrevistas las cuales se las hizo una tia de las compañeras por celular y las hicieron la […]

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